Somatic based,
trauma-informed business coaching

Learn the strategy, master the emotional energetics, create the business of your wildest dreams.

  • Powerful weekly 90 min Coaching/Somatic Experiencing sessions
  • Text & call access to support whenever you need it! 
  • Access to any DFA masterclasses and group sessions throughout the month.
  • Somatic experiencing therapy, nervous system regulation and trauma healing
  • Learn "Being practices" that help you rewire your mind, body, and soul to be the person who fits into the life you want
  • Business guidance - How to build, market, sell, and deliver your business from a regulated nervous system and a soul-aligned level!

What My clients are saying...

“Babe I have so much work flowing in... I made the OG goal we had for monthly revenue (11K/mo)!! I guess onto the stretch goal of $300K a year! Thriving over here, Just friggen thriving.”

Abby  (month 1 of somatic business coaching)

“You are the best thing that has happened to me in years.”


"I realized - of course, it's hard to bring myself in front of others when I feel embarrassed about myself! I love and appreciate you so much I'm getting so much out of this practice.”

Claire (right after a marketing breakthrough)