Somatic Psychedelic Integration and Facilitation Certification

This potent 3 month certification program will give you everything you need to masterfully facilitate, and expertly integrate your clients' psychedelic experiences. (Next round starts January 4th and doors close on new years day!) 

A potent 3-month rewiring Journey

In this container, we will change the way your body digests energy. You will be learning to disarm triggers, free yourself from depressive or anxious patterns, and create a life where you can feel amazing on autopiolot. 

Or if you're ready to begin your Psychedelic transformation...

 Self mastery:

A potent, 2-month personal r/evolution.

Masterfully facilitated using the Somastery method in combination with Psilocybin, Somatics, mindset work, and Myofascial release.

  • Powerful weekly 90 min Coaching/Somatic Experiencing sessions
  • Text & call access to support whenever you need it! 
  • Bi-weekly massage/bodywork sessions
  • Microdosing supplies with a blend of other neurologically supportive, adaptogenic mushrooms
  • Access to a library of pre-recorded support material as needed.
  • Daily nervous system regulation and trauma healing practices
  • 2 guided psilocybin journeys - 5-6 hours each

Available anywhere - Travel fees may apply.

Tell me more...

What My clients are saying...

“Thriving over here, Just friggen thriving.”


“My stomach hurt for 2 years until I met you. You are the best thing that has happened to me in years.”


"My almost daily anxiety attacks are gone and this is only month one!”