This is for you if: 

  • You are ready to step into a career in psychedelic medicine
  • You have a healing/coaching practice that you would like to enhance with safely applied psychedelics
  • You would like to become a psychedelic integration specialist/coach
  • You would like to learn about how to make your journey/s more impactful and amplify the healing properties of psychedelics.
  • You are wanting proven methodologies to heal anxiety, depression, and other disorders using psychedelics and cutting-edge integration techniques.
  • You are looking for a training that will help you establish a functional business with your skillsets. You want to serve more, work less, and earn more money doing it.
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‣ Contraindications, relevant brain chemistry, and the latest research on all things psychedelic medicine.

‣ Proper prep, facilitation, and aftercare for your individual client's needs. 

‣ How to build your therapeutic skillsets with facilitation best practices, modalities, and techniques.

‣ A fully comprehensive trauma training - Identifying, interfacing with, resolving, and preventing trauma.

‣ Comprehensive Somatic therapy and nervous system patterning training and methodology. 

‣ Somastery's industry-standard integration methods.

‣ Body-based trauma release and prevention to make your journeys safe and effective.

‣ Learn how to build, market, and sell your offers while navigating legality and privacy issues for you and your clients.

‣ How to move past money issues, self-esteem blocks, and fears that keep you from actually making the impact and income you desire.

Hi, I'm Kaira

I'm a somatic experiencing trauma expert trained by Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing International and the founder and creator of Somastery therapeutics - A branch of somatic therapy developed specifically for psychedelic medicine.

In my 5 year journey of professional facilitation with a myriad of different medicines, I've discovered a way to combine body-based somatic therapy with the mind and heart-opening properties of psychedelics. In that process, I also developed an integration methodology that has broken every rule for what we are told is possible in the realm of mental health.  

Lifelong anxiety fully healed, psychosomatic physical ailments resolved in as little as one session, and so much more.  

I've created this comprehensive program to teach you everything that a seasoned professional knows about how to facilitate and integrate effectively and safely. It has a high focus on massively amplifying your emotional intelligence, intuition, and knowledge base to help YOU become the embodiment of transformation that your clients will be looking for. 

Oh and did I mention I'm a business coach? I care deeply about you rising into your power - as a healer and financially! As the badass entrepreneur you truly are. So this program teaches you how to thrive in this area too.

Break through your own blocks to impact, income, and soul purpose. Welcome to your new career in psychedelic medicine.


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