A Little Bit About Me.

I believe we are God & God is us.

We are facets of a divine intelligence that lives through us, from us, and all around us. When we take responsibility for our co-creative power with the universe we begin to realize the extent to which we create our thoughts, our health, our relationships, and our impact. We create and attract not only by action, but by emotional energetics and the vibrational frequency of the magnetic field in and around our body. Constantly co-creating with the Quantum field. 

So let me show you how I've used Somatics to redesign my vibrational field, my unconscious mind, my subconscious patterning, and taken control of what I design in my reality.

I believe heaven on earth is possible 

I believe heaven on earth happens one person at a time. As we learn to create our realities, and allow ourselves to choose heaven in our relationships, our finances, our bodies, and our emotions, we begin to live in our own personal heaven on earth.

This becomes possible when we redesign our subconscious landscapes and learn to notice, and take responsibility for, the parts of us that continue creating and attracting what is NOT in alignment with heaven in us. 

Imagine a culture of individuals who have cultivated heaven within their hearts, minds, and bodies. Living from this place, parenting from this place, creating local governmental and community service systems from this place.... 

This world is what I have devoted my life to creating. 

I believe you are powerful.

Whether you can get down with my beliefs, or tokenized "conscious" lingo, I think we can all agree that what you focus on gets bigger. 

When you focus on being grateful you're more likely to experience gratitude. Yes?

Your awareness is a POWERFUL tool and I believe that every person has the ability to cultivate their awareness and hone it into the commanding, influential force it truly is.

I teach students from all walks of life how to use their awareness to heal their nervous systems, retrain their mind, and dismantle unhelpful behavioral, emotional, and mental patterns - many of which we have been experiencing since childhood.

I believe anyone can learn this. You included.



Beyond what you already know - I am a musician and artist. Years ago there was a week that felt like something divine landed inside of me, and a whole album of songs came through. I was so overtaken by the messages in this music, it felt truly like it came through me, not from me. 
I told the songs "I'm not doing the whole broke coffee shop singer/songwriter life. If you want to reach the world YOU DO IT YOURSELF"
And through a series of completely chance, unbelievable, unexplainable events, the music preceded to get itself recorded, get itself a label, and is now being played in medicine ceremonies, retreats, and living rooms across the entire world

I have spent the last few years living up to being the woman those songs believed I was. If you want to learn who I truly am - 

Listen to my music



Like many healers, I became someone with a skillset for healing because I deeply needed it. I experienced my fair share of traumas growing up, but when I hit my mid 20's, I experienced a level of abandonment and betrayal that completely melted my psyche. My short term memory went offline, which was scary, my body was covered in nasty stress rashes that would get infected no matter what I did, and I would wake up every night for months sobbing uncontrollably for hours. I was toxic with grief and pain. 
This led me on the most intense 4 year initiation where I sought healing like a person with their head on fire seeks water, NOTHING else mattered. 
I found my way past the chasm of my pain into deep, unshakeable connection with trust, with life, and with God. I learned somatics first from DMT (psychedelic plant medicine), then enrolled in Somatic Experiencing International where I would learn rumors that the pioneers of what is now the worlds best trauma therapy would often credit ayahuasca with teaching them this therapy. Wild. 
Somatics gave me the tools to amplify every other healing modality, yoga, breathwork, energy work, personal development, meditation... I began to see that every one of these modalities USES the language of somatics. That's why they are effective. 

So now I teach this therapy, this language of our awareness, and help my students discover how to rewire their unconscious mind, and retrain their body, their emotions, and their thoughts. This makes it possible for us to heal our nervous systems, and begin to truly choose who we are being, what we are creating, what we are attracting, and cultivate our power to choose the life we design. 



My programs are different. I rejected the narrative that true Somatic therapy takes years to learn, and designed affordable, digestible programs that distill all the wisdom I spent years learning, into fast, fun, life-changing courses.

I not only teach everything you need to master somatic methods and application, but I also combine it with personal development, and deep divine wisdom that I've been lucky enough to gain from gifted spiritual teachers, and from my own transformative experiences moving through trauma. 

My super power is translation. Translation of abstract concepts into tangible steps, of complex narratives into simple stories that speak to the soul and are easy to remember. In our time together you can expect to feel seen, allowed, expressed, and held through a massive shifting. 

 But don't just take my word for it.

"For me, learning from someone that truly teaches from the heart, holds incredible space for others, and walks their talk is incredibly important. When you take a class from someone who has truly mastered a technique, its a whole different quality of learning experience that is hard for me to put into words."

Jen Roseman

"Kaira is not only a gifted somatic therapist, but her ability to clearly articulate what she is teaching and her willingness to share all her wisdom are what have made this program worth it for me. It really seems like magic as I witness her skillfully and intuitively work with us to demonstrate the concepts."

Angela Doyle

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