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A perfect place to start your journey

This 6 lesson series dives into one of 3 fundamental elements of somatic healing - The 5 channels of awareness. You'll learn what they are PLUS some of my favorite techniques on how to use them in your own coaching or healing practice. 

An Intimate Evolution

If you're ready to launch your career forward while learning about somatics, healing your traumas, and redesigning your buisness around your gifts, desires, and joy - This is for you.

Create, Market, and Sell 

Being a tallented healer, coach, or artist, is a DIFFERENT SKILLSET than making money. This course is everything you need to begin building a path to wealth that is aligned, easeful, driven by your desires and soul purpose... oh, and massively lucrative. 

Hi, I'm Kaira Mayestra 

Welcome, dear one. I am a high vibe musician, 13-year bodyworker, psychedelic facilitator, and somatics and trauma expert trained by Peter Levine's school - Somatic Experiencing International®️.

When I recognized the deep and lasting psychological shifts that could happen as a result of neural rewiring and somatic release (often aided by psychedelics) I realized that my zone of genius didn't reside in typical trauma work. 

In the years spent honing my craft, I created a breed of somatic therapy that is specific to psychedelic healing, and integration methodologies that take a subconscious-first approach. My calling is to set the standard for somatic psychedelic facilitation and integration methodologies - And to teach the system I've created to as many people as possible while serving the planet, and underprivileged populations. 

My clients often feel the pull to work as pioneers in psychedelic therapy and to co-create healing beyond what the medical industry has dreamt of. 

The blend of psychedelics and body-based healing is the new frontier of mental health care. And you are part of the evolution.

Together we rise.

Ready to serve more, earn more, and discover yourself more?

1-on-1 Coaching 

A container designed to launch you forward in your healing, in your business, and in your life. 
We utilize Somatic Experiencing to rewire your body's responses to stress, success, and your own power and hack your mental and emotional patterns to create the life you want. 

 In this 3 month group immersive you'll gain the skills to

  • Build rapport and trust with clients before, during, and after psychedelic experiences. 
  • Learn the contraindications, relevant brain chemistry, and latest research on all things psychedelic medicine.
  • Learn proper prep, facilitation, and aftercare for your individual client's needs. 
  • Comprehensive Somatic therapy and nervous system patterning training and methodology. 
  • Somastery's industry standard integration methodology 
  • Body-based trauma release and prevention to make your journeys safe and effective.
  • Learn how to build, market, and sell your offers while maintaining privacy and honoring the current legality.
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"I've had so much work flowing in! I already made the OG goal we had for monthly revenue, 11k a month!" 

Abby Wolff -
Wired for Success + 1:1 coaching.

Shandra L

You're the best thing that's happened to me in years.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Working with Kaira was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I felt so supported and could tell that she was personally invested in my success. This work is changing my life, and I only wish I had discovered it sooner!


Livvy Sanforth

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