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Let Others Inspire You.

"The somatic therapy certification was THE most life changing opportunity I’ve experienced yet. It transformed everything from my beliefs, how I show up in relationships, my self image, and expanded my potential beyond what I thought my limits were. The wisdom in this container I believe is so beneficial for everyone. Somatics showed me how to experience more joy, pleasure, and connection in my daily life."

Alexandria Roberts

"Working with Kaira has deeply impacted every area of my life in the most beautiful, positive way possible. Through her guidance in this somatic therapy program, I have finally found the  authentic courage and confidence to step solidly on the path of my dreams while accessing more freedom than I'd ever imagined. I am a better woman, mother, friend and leader in my work as a result of this course and this woman. I know I will utilize the tools in this course for the rest of my life."

Annie Kin
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