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What you get: 

A library of almost 30 lessons are available to you immediately upon purchase, teaching you everything you need to know to:
> Build irresistible high-ticket offers that you love to deliver
> Heal money wounds and trauma
> Sell and market in a strategic, aligned, and delicious way.
> Unblock the emotional + subconscious resistance to your financial and vocational growth.
Access to a private Facebook group to ask questions, test out marketing material, and receive special trainings and downloads!

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I'm ready to create my dream business!!!

 Somewhere inside of you, you know you can.

You know you were here to do something big... You have always known.
You know you can make the money you want doing the work you love to do, impacting the world in a beautiful way.
You know you can live a life you design.  
And I know you can too.

YOU, my dear, are a limitless soul and a spark of infinite, divine, creative force.

The blocks and limitations to your own success are learned and inherited.
They are agreements - personal, cultural and generational.
Agreements around your own abilities, or money, or the world, or your value, or your business.  

Agreements that usually play to the tune of: 
“I can’t”
"Why bother?"
“It’s not possible for me”
“I just don’t know how”
Or even 
"I don't desire wealth / a purposeful career
/ to spend every day doing what I love"

These agreements are laced into the neural network of your brain and body.
They are constructs built out of chemical, electrical, mental and PHYSICAL patterns that we have agreed to and identified with. Constructs manifesting in your conscious experience, yet rooted in your unconscious mind.

And if you’re anything like me, thinking yourself out of these places isn’t really working for you.

Because you can’t think yourself out of a subconscious agreement with life...

That’s where I come in... 
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Yes this invitation is for YOU, my dear....


Because I see you.

I see your value, I see the potential, I see the possibilities

I see that you have everything you need, right now, to transform yourself into a version of you that is healed, happy, and healing the world while making however much money you want to make, and living in her or his highest power.

That is living every day ON PURPOSE, feeling LIT, allowing things to be EASY, and sharing that bliss with the world.

I know what it is like to know somewhere deep inside that you are meant to do important work, and that living life every day doing what you love is possible.

And I know what it’s like to feel totally incapable of creating that life. 

Or stuck in a phase of your healing/evolution that just won’t quit. Knowing that YOU are the thing in your way.

But the truth is that the world needs us NOW.

The truth is that it's not only possible for you, it's absolutely imperative.

The world needs more happy, healthy people doing what lights them up. More beautiful healers and conscious people that absolutely believe in themselves. More emotionally advanced leaders, parents, entrepreneurs with a powerful, receptive, divine feminine spirit. (both women AND men)

So if your most incredible life is becoming more appealing than the myth that you “don’t know how to create it”, this course is for you.


You'll learn:

‣ Potent somatic (body-based) subconscious rewiring practices that get you thinking and feeling differently than ever before.

‣ All the concrete basics  that you need to
start a successful company based on your talents, desires, and gifts.

How to use your body to UNCOVER/REWIRE your agreements with life that block you from success.

‣ How to create a customized, unique, LIFE CHANGING, morning practice that will wire your neural circuitry and subconscious for success every day!

‣ How to identify and speak to your favorite type of client, and magnetize them to your offers.

‣ Cognitive and thought-based techniques for a healthier psyche and emotional life.

Marketing and selling from a place that feels fun, relaxed, and delicious for you and your clients

‣ The seductive, subconscious love of Self-Sabotage and how to remap your relationship to your own pitfalls. 

‣ How to instantly tap into the wisest, most successful version of yourself NOW. 

‣ How to renegotiate your relationship to money and wealth + healing money dysmorphia

‣ How to escape the perfectionism trap and the fear that anchors it.
& SO MANY MORE CODES. Holy hot damn this course is FIRE. 
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is inspiring and showing people like you how to...

1. Rewire your conscious AND subconscious mind using adapted, proven, science based somatic techniques that help you heal trauma, create self-esteem, and realize + build your dream life.
2. Navigate the fundamental steps in creating a business that is as fulfilling and easy as it is financially abundant. (yes…. I said EASY)


  Because I believe that heaven on earth begins when people like you realize they have limitless power to create the world we want to live in.

And if I can do it, 
you can do it.

And if you can do it,
they can do it.

And when we have a world full of happy, healthy people
living lives they love, owning their power to create,

making enough money to invest in 
green energy, 
healthy bodies, 
and harmonious systems,
the world will be heaven on earth.

I know it.

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