Learn the basics of the world's most effective trauma therapy and emotional rewiring technique.

Create body-based emotional releases - Take your work from great to unforgettable. 

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Trauma Basics

You'll gain a basic understanding of what trauma is, how it's created and healed PLUS what to avoid when practicing this technique with your clients. 

3+ Hours of training & practices

2 hours of video content plus 1-2 hours of embodiment practices for you to explore and then implement with your clients!

The 5 channels

This is the keystone upon which all somatic practices are based. Learn what they are, how to use them, and begin to build a personal relationship with this alchemy. 

This course is everything I wish I knew about trauma and emotional release when I was starting my coaching.

I'm Kaira, a Psychedelic facilitator, women's heart-led business coach, & Somatics and trauma teacher. 
Understanding trauma and having a methodology for emotional release is what can take your coaching or healing practice from great to unforgettable. If you are looking to feel empowered, confident, and ready to see your clients progress exponentially, this is for you. I love watching you rise.

It's my mission to make Somatic Trainings accessible, affordable, and easy for you to implement.

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Did you know that Somatic Therapy was modeled after Psychedelics?

This is why it's the ultimate therapy to pair with psychedelic medicine. If you're interested in exploring a career in safe, effective, psychedelic assisted therapy come

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